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10-Min Trader Joes Hack: Grilled Veggie Summer Salad

I don’t love raw veggies. Phew, freeing confession! ???? Here’s why…

Raw cruciferous vegetables [broc, cauli & cabbage] can be tough to digest and cause gas & boating. I think we can all agree those symptoms aren’t pleasant.

However, you CAN make them easier to digest by lightly cooking them [which breaks down their cell walls].

I made this as an appetizer last night and there were NO LEFTOVERS!


❶ Clean & chop veggies

❷ Place them in a bowl w/a generous drizzle of avocado oil [high smoke point for grilling]

❸ Add a little s & p and use a slotted spoon to add the veggies to a BBQ basket

❹ Grill on the BBQ until a little soft [about 10 min at 350°]

P.S. If it’s too much work to start your BBQ, just toss your goods in a frying pan and cook on medium for about 3-4 mins. You want the veggies warm and a little soft, but not limp!

Ready for the best part?

As they say, “the secret is in the sauce.” ???? NAME THE MOVIE! ????

NOTHING could be easier than this dipping sauce I created using Trader Joes products…


❶ Mix ¾c TJ’s Herbed Tahini Sauce w/1.5tbsp Goddess Dressing

❷ Sprinkle w/chopped parsley

Now, sit back and listen to all of the compliments coming your way because your dip is so delish! ????

This is probably one of the healthiest appetizers I’ve ever taken to a party. It got devoured. I think people secretly like eating veggies… they just aren’t used to them tasting so good!

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