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EMFs: Health Impact & Usable Tips to Manage Exposure

Today’s guest is Ben Salem, founder of Wave Block.

Ben has been in the real estate world his entire career, and it was out of necessity that he created his product.

He told me that he bought an EMF mentor to check his baby’s room for radiation. He was shocked when he discovered how much radiation was around the crib. So he did some research and learned how to create a baby blanket that would deflect the waves.

He then used that tech to create his product, WaveBlock.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention!

There are native EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) that come from the sun or earth, and then there are non-native, which come from cell phones, earbuds, and electric blankets, to name just a few.

Many countries are now banning or limiting Wi-Fi in nurseries in an effort to protect children. A child’s skull is ten times thinner than an adult skull.

When I bought my first home in the early 90s, there was much talk about not living under powerlines due to EMFs. What’s the answer? Are non-native EMFs dangerous? If other countries are starting to limit exposure in children, should we look at doing that here? What can we do to try to limit our EMF exposure while still enjoying our devices?


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