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Uncovering a Cancer Crime Story with Kate Moore, Author of The Radium Girls

Uncovering a Cancer Crime Story with Kate Moore, Author of The Radium Girls

This podcast episode strays away from our usual path of interviews with oncologists and health experts. Today, we’re going into the world of crime and consequence.

I’m honored to be joined by Kate Moore, the brilliant mind behind “The Radium Girls.” This book, a personal favorite of mine, not only captivated me but also disturbed me to the core. 

Today’s conversation isn’t about your typical crime drama. It’s about a crime that unfolded silently, hidden within the glow of radium, a substance once celebrated for its luminescent properties. But beneath its shimmering allure lies a dark truth—a truth that Kate’s book fearlessly confronts.

In an era where crime stories dominate our screens and shelves, we often forget the crimes silently committed against our health and environment. The story of the Radium Girls falls precisely into this category—a tale of betrayal, injustice, and the insidious impact of unchecked industrial practices.

Join us as we discuss all of the unsettling details of this cancer crime story. Kate Moore, hailing from the UK, brings her expertise and passion to our conversation, guiding us through this haunting narrative.

In this episode

[03:34] Kate provides the background on The Radium Girls and explains her particular interest in this story.

[07:46] Why weren’t these girls safeguarded from these hazardous materials? 

[14:25] “It was a tiny amount, but that tiny amount still leaves an impact when it’s a radioactive material that you are swallowing every day.” – Kate Moore

[17:18] Kate explains the observable effects of the radium exposure on these girls.

[22:37] Did the girls piece together the reason for their deteriorating health?

[28:30] What were the challenges these girls faced when they pursued justice in the 1920s?

[31:23] How the ongoing radiation helped to legally renew the statute of limitations for these women.

[36:50] Have we become more adept at disclosing the truth about industries that use toxic chemicals?

[39:32] Some industries prioritize maintaining profitability over addressing the task of remedying neighborhoods plagued by cancer cases. 

[42:45] Based on her extensive research, does Kate have any additional insights or recommendations to share about radium?

[45:09] Kate talks about the remarkable courage of these women in the 1920s.

[51:40] “My job was to research their story and find their words and then I just put it together in the book, but the voices that you hear when you read the book are their voices telling you their story in their own words.” – Kate Moore

About Kate Moore

Kate Moore is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Radium Girls, which won the 2017 Goodreads Choice Award for Best History, was voted U.S. librarians’ favorite nonfiction book of 2017, and was named a Notable Nonfiction Book of 2018 by the American Library Association. 

A British writer based near Cambridge, UK, Kate writes across a variety of genres and has had multiple titles on the Sunday Times bestseller list. Her latest book is the critically acclaimed The Woman They Could Not Silence, which, among other accolades, was named runner-up for Best History in the 2021 Goodreads Choice Awards and a 2021 Booklist Editor’s Choice.

Connect With Kate Moore 


Book: The Radium Girls




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