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Year in Review (Part 1)

Jamie Winship

Author of one of my favorite books, Living Fearless.

I wish I’d met Jamie and his wife Donna thirty years ago! I would have learned so much from them about fear, managing fear, and not making decisions based on FEAR!

But, sure grateful to know both of them now. I’ve learned how to manage my fear, but it has taken a bit of practice.

Jamie says that we can ALL manage our fear, and it might be as easy as taking a few deep breaths and pushing the pause button when we get triggered.

One of the techniques I’ve learned from Jamie is that when life starts to go sideways, I ask myself, Is God for me, against me, or indifferent?

Well, I know God is for me, and asking myself that question in the middle of a fearful moment always seems to calm me down and allow me to get a handle on my thoughts.



Johnny Imerman

Johnny shows people how they can get across the finish line.

He was diagnosed with cancer at a young age, and he realized how important it was to show people (by connecting them with people who had already been through cancer) that they could come out on the other side of cancer.

One of my favorite bible scriptures is proverbs 29, without a vision, a man perishes. Johnny shows people a vision so they can thrive.



Ben Salem

Founder of WaveBlock

Ben has been in the real estate world his entire career, and it was out of necessity that he created his product.

He told me he bought an EMF mentor to check his baby’s room for radiation. He was shocked when he discovered how much radiation was around the crib. So, he researched and learned how to create a baby blanket that would deflect the waves.

He then used that tech to create his product, Wave Block.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention!

Kids’ skulls absorb 10x the radiation when compared to an adult skull.

In Europe, many countries have banned Wi-Fi in nurseries and elementary schools.

Use the code Enos20 for a considerable discount on your WaveBlock™ | protecting your world from EMF’s – one device at a time!



Kitty Martone

Also known as The Healthy Gut Girl.

Her mission is to teach people how to improve their gut health. Kitty believes that if you have a healthy gut (80% to 90% of your immune system is influenced by the gut), you may avoid many diseases of the modern world.

We also had an excellent discussion about the crippling fear rocking our world and how this can impact gut health, immunity, and cancer prevention.

Kitty is the founder of one of my favorite podcasts, Stuff Your Doctor Should Know.

Kitty Martone on Instagram (@healthygutgirl_)



Chris Beat Cancer, Chris Wark

Chris was diagnosed with stage 3c colon cancer at 26 years old.

Chris had surgery to remove the tumor and was advised to have a year of chemotherapy.

Chris decided to take a different path to heal. He changed his diet and attitude, and eighteen years later, HE IS THRIVING!

Chris has a very informative list of questions that every cancer patient should download before they meet with their oncologist. I wish I had had this list before my first meeting with my oncologist

What every cancer patient needs to know – Chris Wark (chrisbeatcancer.com)



Jodi Cohen

Founder of Vibrant Blue Oils

A huge takeaway that I didn’t hear the first time I listened! Jodi said that when we experience anxiety or panic, it’s often a right frontal lobe issue. So, here’s her simple hack, stimulate the left side of your frontal lobe to help balance your system and lower your stress and anxiety. Plug the right side of your nostril and inhale out of your left nostril. The key point, smell something in the left nostril. She suggested smelling an orange or a flower. But bottom line, Jodi said smelling something out of the left side, taking about 3-4 breaths, can lower your anxiety!

Shop for essential oils using my link below!

Vibrant Blue Oils


Join us next week as I continue my year in review and explore more takeaways from my previous podcast episodes!


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