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What Does Indiana Jones Know About preventing cancer? A Conversation with Archaeologist Dr. Bill Schindler

Dr. Bill Schindler told me that in 2 decades of research, he’d learned two simple truths:

  1. Humans are sicker than ever before, and
  2. We must learn from the ancestral past to correct the mistakes of the modern food system.

In today’s podcast, Dr. S. tells us we should ask ourselves not what we should eat but howspecifically, to look at food in an ancestral way that makes the food we eat as safe and nourishing as it can be for our bodies.

Bill has spent his career studying indigenous groups worldwide and now understands that living a full and healthy life means understanding how people prepared their food hundreds of years ago.

We had an enlightening discussion about fermented foods, nixtamalizing, organ meats, and farmer’s markets. He explained that our digestive tract is very inefficient and “processing our foods,” for example, eating sourdough bread can allow our bodies to absorb more nutrients from the food.

His website states that our relationship with food does not exist in a vacuum. That is why diets don’t work – they are always out of context because they do not consider the other aspects of “life” that are so important to us. How we acquire, process, store, share, and consume food is uniquely human and embedded in practically all aspects of our lives. So learning to eat like humans again is really about learning to live like humans again.

I HIGHLY recommend purchasing his book, taking one of his online classes, or following him on social media! Click the link below for more deets!


It’s not about what we eat, but HOW we eat it. Take control of your health.


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  2. More b12, zinc, iron, and selenium than beef.
  3. Some studies show it’s got four times the vitamin E compared to beef.
  4. Lower in calories and cholesterol.
  5. It is lower fat, so it will cook faster than ground beef.

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