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Things I Wish I Would Have Known 30 Years Ago, Episode 3 – Fear Factor

I hate to admit that I’ve spent a considerable chunk of my adulthood making decisions based on fear.

Letting fear run your decisions is a recipe for disaster.

It impacts all your relationships, career, and outlook on life.

Fear complicates, and truth liberates.

I wish I would have understood that in my younger years.

But it’s never too late, and I can tell you that cancer changed me.

I had a choice of being crippled by fear or pushing the pause button when fearful thoughts came rushing in. Pressing the pause button allowed me to ask more questions, gather more information, and not get caught up in fearful thoughts.

I can’t say that I never go down the rabbit hole of scary thoughts, but it happens much less often than it used to!

Give today’s podcast a listen as I recap the skills I learned from my first podcast guest, Jamie Winship.

Learn more about Jamie Winship atΒ JamieWinship.com.


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