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Loneliness is the Enemy of Cancer Treatment — Mentorship Can Help You Cross the Finish Line with Jonny Imerman

In this episode, I have a wonderful conversation with Jonny Imerman, founder of Imerman Angels.

During my treatment, I was surrounded by people, but I felt alone. I was blessed to have a loving family and friends to bring me meals or take me to doctor appointments, but I still felt alone.

The social worker at the hospital suggested I reach out to Imerman Angels and ask for a mentor.
I was paired with Liza in Chicago who had already “crossed the finish line” with her breast cancer treatment. She encouraged me to do the same. I felt “heard” when I talked to her about my fears and concerns.

Being “heard” is one of the paths out of loneliness.

I hope you enjoy this episode where Jonny shares his heart for people.


Learn more about Imerman Angels’ mission and resources at ImermanAngels.org.


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