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Why Does God Allow Suffering? A candid conversation with Tara Leigh Cobble of the Bible Recap

Confession time! This seems fitting since I just interviewed one of the most popular bible teachers on the planet. 😊

I bought my first bible when I was in my thirties. I tried hard to understand it, but I often got more confused. Finally, I connected with proverbs; that chapter was easy to understand because I could quickly apply it to my daily life.

I discovered today’s guest, Tara Leigh Cobble (TLC), a few months ago; she has a podcast where she makes the bible both fun and interesting, all in less than ten minutes a day! I can do that!

I had many questions for God during my cancer journey, like why did this happen to me? I exercise and eat healthy food, and I’m nice to people. Why, why, and more why?

I wanted to see what God had to say about suffering, so I went to the top to get answers about what God says about cancer and other diseases. Can it make us better people? Is there a reason we suffer?

I must tell you that Tara Leigh has had more than her fair share of suffering, including being electrocuted during surgery to repair her heart.

Give today’s episode a listen; it might answer some questions you didn’t even know you had!


Tara-Leigh Cobble (taraleighcobble.com) is the creator and host ofΒ The Bible Recap podcastΒ and the author of the book by the same name. She foundedΒ D-Group, an international network of weekly discipleship and Bible study groups, and she hosts a daily radio show called The God Shot. She lives in Dallas, TX.

For more information:Β taraleighcobble.comΒ |Β thebiblerecap.comΒ |Β mydgroup.orgΒ |Β israelux.com

Social media:Β @taraleighcobbleΒ |Β @thebiblerecapΒ |Β @mydgroupΒ |Β @israeluxtours


Here’s the linkΒ to the Israel book TLC and I were talking about!


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