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Things I Wish I Would Have Known 30 Years Ago, Episode 4: Taking Better Care of My Teeth Can Lower My Risk of Cancer.

55: Things I Wish I Would Have Known 30 Years Ago, but I know them now!

Episode 4: Taking better care of my teeth can lower my risk of cancer.

And according to Dr. Kelly Blodgett, that doesn’t only mean brushing or flossing. He explained in our podcast that high-quality saliva leads to a healthier body. How do I improve the quality of my saliva? Find ten to fifteen minutes per day of peace. How does this help your oral health? When you start to relax, your blood flow is better all over your body, including your mouth. When the blood flow is good to your mouth, your saliva improves, which will then impact your gut health. When your gut health is better, YOUR HEALTH IMPROVES!

I encourage you to listen to our episode, Can Root Canals Contribute to Cancer Risk?

In our interview, we discuss holistic dentistry and how the health of your mouth can impact every cell in your body.

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Here’s a link to the book Dr. B mentioned:

  • Gut by Giulia Enders

Here’s are few more links about mercury and fluoride. This is how I educated myself so I could ask the right questions during the podcast episode.

The second podcast I unpacked in this episode is with Keith Bishop, a clinical nutritionist and retired pharmacist. The title is Daily Habits to Prevent and Fight Cancer!

My takeaway today was that let’s not make cancer prevention too complicated; there are simple habits we can incorporate daily that can knock down our risk.

  1. Move a bit more each day.
  2. Cut back on sugar and alcohol.
  3. Don’t drink super-hot beverages (darn it! I love my piping hot tea πŸ™‚

Keith also told me that while colon cancer risk seems to be going down for older folks, colon cancer in younger people is on the rise. Why?

Keith believes a sedentary lifestyle is a significant contributor.

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