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Trust Your Gut: It Could Keep You from Getting Cancer! A Conversation with Kitty Martone

Today’s guest is the wellness badass, Kitty Martone, also known as The Healthy Gut Girl.

Her mission is to teach people how to improve their gut health. Kitty believes that if you have a healthy gut (80% of your immune system is in the gut), you may avoid many of the diseases of the modern world. We also had an excellent discussion about the crippling fear rocking our world and how this can impact gut health, immunity, and cancer prevention.

Kitty is the founder of one of my favorite podcasts, Stuff Your Doctor Should Know.

She has a gift for my listeners; click the link for more details: www.healthygutgirl.com/gift

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This podcast is for informational purposes only and none of the information should be construed as medical advice. Listeners should seek guidance from their own medical team before making any medical or lifestyle changes.

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