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Clean Beauty – A Conversation with Gabriel of Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc.


I was shocked when Gabriel told me that we each have 5-7 pounds of skin and that our skin is our biggest organ. The skin works as a filter, so what goes on our skin goes into our bodies. Yikes! It made me think about what types of products I use on my skin, hair, and nails.


Ironically, I just returned from my annual National Association of Nutritional Professionals conference. One of the speakers mentioned that within 4 minutes of using nail polish, the chemicals from the polish hit our bloodstream.


When you hear two messages within days that sound the same, I know it’s a sign!


One of my big takeaways from my conversation with Gabriel is how we can make our own or DIY natural products. For example, he likes to use Jojoba oil as a moisturizer, and he cooks with essential oils.


Listen to the podcast episode to learn more of his DIY secrets!


Gabriel is also offering a coupon to podcast listeners: Enos25 for 25% off!


Gabriel De Santino is the founder and CEO of Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc., a global natural beauty empire whose brands include Gabriel, Zuzu Luxe, and Clean Kids Naturally.


Born of Latin descent and raised off the coast of Mexico, Gabriel, at an early age, was naturally drawn to the coastal life and heavily influenced by his grandmother’s holistic practices. At the age of 18, Gabriel moved to Seattle, Washington. He knew the Pacific Northwest had a rising fashion and beauty scene and joined the movement at a local beauty counter. It was there that Gabriel fell in love with makeup but was also inspired to look past the made-up face. He soon secured a position at a salon & spa to learn more about the industry and how he may change it. After attending aesthetician school, he quickly discovered he wanted to first correct the skin before covering it up, a mantra he still practices today. As an aesthetician, he struggled because women were using toxic products on their skin. But, given his background as a naturopath and familiarity with sea botanicals, his calling was loud and clear.


In 1992, he solicited his friends and family’s moral and financial support. As a result, he started Gabriel Organics, a complete line of all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free skincare products made with seaweed as its hero ingredient.


Gabriel Cosmetic Inc.’s prestige and diverse brand portfolio were created out of one man’s vision of clearly defining natural beauty and being able to provide affordable and accessible vegan beauty products to consumers worldwide.


Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc. is headquartered in its original area of Redmond, Washington, with over 25 employees and its fearless leader, Gabriel De Santino, leading the charge every step of the way.



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This podcast is for informational purposes only and none of the information should be construed as medical advice. Listeners should seek guidance from their own medical team before making any medical or lifestyle changes.

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