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Kris Carr’s Courageous Journey Through Stage 4 Cancer, Grief, and LOVE

Kris Carr’s Courageous Journey Through Stage 4 Cancer, Grief, and LOVE

Today, we have a very special guest who just celebrated her 21 year anniversary living and thriving with stage four cancer. 

You may recognize Kris Carr from The Oprah Winfrey Show or as the New York Times Bestselling Author of I’m Not a Mourning Person. As a cancer survivor myself, I admit to being a longtime admirer (and stalker!) of Kris’s work, even before my own diagnosis. Having followed Kris as an Oprah Super Soul 100 member, Kris revealed to me, and countless others, how she gained control of her anxiety after an incurable cancer diagnosis.

In this candid conversation, we reflect on Kris’s story, as a post-cancer survivor and thriver, and we celebrate her resilience and the recent milestone of her 21st anniversary since her stage four cancer diagnosis.

As Kris shares her experience, she paints a picture of gratitude and stability, discusses the quirks of tumor behavior, and being able to find levity in life’s most challenging moments.

In this episode

[04:14] How did Kris come to terms with her body after 21 years of living with cancer?

[09:16] “We don’t have a road map for this and it’s a road map for trauma. Being diagnosed is incredibly traumatic.” – Kris Carr

[14:27] Kris shares her full journey following her cancer diagnosis.

[17:53] Has cancer brought any positive changes to Kris’ life?

[21:56] Kris advises taking a step toward self-care even if it means facing discomfort.

[23:02] Kris shares a few things she cherished about her late father, which served as inspiration for her latest book.

[27:07] “So many of us wait. We wait until all the ducks are in a row before we do the things that we want to do. And the thing is that ducks don’t like to be in a row. They like to fly.” – Kris Carr

[30:08] How does Kris welcome and cherish those “golden moments”?

[35:07] What motivated Kris to take action and commit to writing her book, “I’m Not A Mourning Person”?

[37:24] Was it fear that propelled Kris forward, not the pain of losing her father?

[42:48] If we weren’t caught up in busyness, what activities would we prioritize? 

[47:02] Recognizing when we need to detach from the routine and make a deliberate choice to break away from negativity.

About Kris Carr

Kris Carr is a beacon of hope, resilience, and wellness leadership. As a New York Times bestselling author and esteemed wellness advocate, Kris Carr has defied the odds, thriving with stage IV cancer for over two decades.

Throughout her remarkable journey, Kris has not only survived but thrived, embodying the very essence of living life to the fullest. With each passing year, she has gleaned invaluable lessons about self-care and the profound impact one can make on the world.

Driven by a deep sense of purpose, Kris has made it her mission to share these insights with millions across the globe. Through her books, talks, and online platforms, she has become a guiding light for those navigating their health challenges, offering practical wisdom and unwavering support.

With grace and courage, Kris Carr has reshaped the narrative around illness, proving that adversity can be transformed into opportunity and that every moment is a chance to embrace life’s fullest potential. 

Connect With Kris Carr


Book: I’m Not A Mourning Person




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