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Daily Habits to Prevent and Fight Cancer! with Keith Bishop

Today’s podcast episode with Keith Bishop is a simple reminder that we can fight cancer or lower cancer risk through our daily habits.

My takeaway today was that let’s not make cancer prevention too complicated; there are simple habits we can incorporate daily that can knock down our risk.

  1. Move a bit more each day.
  2. Cut back on sugar and alcohol.
  3. Don’t drink super-hot beverages (darn it! I love my piping hot tea 😊)

Keith also told me that while colon cancer risk seems to be going down for older folks, colon cancer in younger people is on the rise. Why?

Keith believes a sedentary lifestyle is a significant contributor.

What that means to me isΒ Get Up andΒ Move, even if you add only a few sets of stairs or a quick walk after dinner.

My biggest takeaway from this conversation with Keith is that small changes can make a HUGE health impact!

Keith’s Social Media and Website:

Keith has some free downloads on his website including Timed Eating for Cancer, Palm Rule for Cancer Foods, and Anti-Cancer Smoothie.Β Keith’s Mantra:Β Knowledge Helps You Prevail Over Cancer.

Please see Keith’s links below on some of the topics he discussed with me, including how higher consumption of sugar foods and beverages significantly increases your risk for developing cancer:

  1. Total and Added Sugar Intakes, Sugar Types, and Cancer Risk: Results From the Prospective NutriNet-SantΓ© cohort
  2. Let Food Be Thy Medicine: The Role of Diet in Colorectal Cancer: a Narrative Review
  3. Associations of the Paleolithic Diet Pattern Scores and the Risk of Breast Cancer among Adults: A Case-Control Study
  4. Sweetened Beverage Consumption and Risk of Liver Cancer by Diabetes Status: A Pooled Analysis
  5. Sugar-Sweetened Beverages and Cancer Risk: A Narrative Review
  6. Association of Dietary Risks, Behavioural and Lifestyle Factors, and the Magnitude of Disability Burden Among Australian Cancer Patients: An Observational Epidemiology Study
  7. Critical Protein GAPDH and its Regulatory Mechanisms in Cancer Cells

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