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Things I Wish I’d Known Thirty Years Ago, But I Know Now!

The old pre-cancer me was too busy to take the time to see how someone was doing. I found my identity in being busy.


Busy is not my true identity.


Being busy was a distraction that kept me from connecting to people and activities that I loved.


  • It’s never a “waste of time” to connect with someone.
  • The post-cancer me has discovered the importance of “being” instead of “doing.”
  • Eating is one of the critical components of staying healthy! When you eat, be present; look at your food, not your computer screen.
  • Take a deep breath before you react to situations or the people around you.
  • Work to stay at peace with those around you. I’m still working on this one πŸ™‚


The new me finds her identity in being generous with people, asking how people are, and praying for them. As a result, I get just as much accomplished every day, and my stress levels are lower because I’ve taken the time to connect with people and be present in my daily surroundings.


Give the podcast a listen to discover the health habits I wish I had started 30 years ago.



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