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The Conscious Oncologist: Dr. Katie Deming Explores the Spiritual Side of Cancer RecoveryThe Conscious Oncologist: Dr. Katie Deming Explores the Spiritual Side of Cancer Recovery

The Conscious Oncologist: Dr. Katie Deming Explores the Spiritual Side of Cancer Recovery

The Conscious Oncologist: Dr. Katie Deming Explores the Spiritual Side of Cancer Recovery

We often see cancer as a purely physical issue, but within holistic healing, today’s guest believes that the healing is deeply spiritual. 

I’m thrilled about today’s podcast episode featuring the remarkable Dr. Katie Deming. As an oncologist, former healthcare leader, inventor, author, and podcast host, Dr. Deming has a wealth of knowledge to offer. My recent exploration led me to her captivating TEDx talk, leaving me in awe of her insights. Known as the “Conscious Oncologist,” Dr. Deming has piqued my curiosity, and I’m eager to go into the intriguing aspects of her journey and expertise.

I am excited about this soul-nourishing episode!  

In this episode

[02:01] What is a “Conscious Oncologist”?

[03:49] Dr. Katie Deming tells us about switching from Western medicine to a spiritual healing approach.

[06:21] What is the Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) study? 

[08:51] Helping people discover the root cause of illness.

[10:59] “I was doing them a disservice to let them go back to the lifestyle that created the cancer in the first place.” – Dr. Deming

[12:47] If not genetics, could cancer be brought on by childhood traumas?

[16:01] How is medicine connecting past traumas with cancer? How does somebody go about healing from past trauma?

[19:08] Is it true that we don’t necessarily have to go back and relive all that trauma to process it?

[23:44] The power of working with the subconscious mind.

[27:24] Dr. Deming explains the connection between withholding your own emotional needs and aggressive cancer.

[31:11] How setting boundaries has helped Dr. Deming in her career and personal life?

[34:40] Dr. Deming gives us something we can do today to never get cancer again.

About Dr. Katie Deming 

Dr. Katie Deming is a renowned oncologist, former healthcare leader, and inventor who has dedicated her 16-year career to caring for cancer patients and improving their overall experience. Dr. Deming pursued her entire medical training at Duke University in North Carolina, where she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of oncology.

However, fate took an unexpected turn for Dr. Deming. Following a profound event akin to a near-death experience, she underwent a transformative realization that prompted her to reevaluate her path in traditional oncology. Driven by a newfound understanding of the complexities surrounding cancer treatment, she recognized the limitations of conventional approaches and sought a more holistic understanding of healing.

In 2022, Dr. Deming made a significant career shift, leaving her role as a radiation oncologist to pursue a different path. Today, she offers integrative oncology support services, utilizing her extensive expertise to help patients bridge the gap between conventional cancer therapies and deeper, holistic healing. 

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