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Hollywood, Health, Hope: A Conversation with Samantha Harris

I thought I was an energizer bunny, but this gal ran circles around me, haha.

I had so much fun chatting with Samantha, and we realized we both had so much in common (minus the four Emmy® nominations and hanging out with the Kardashians).

When I got my diagnosis, people said, “how could you possibly get cancer? You’re the healthiest person I know.”

Her friends asked Samantha the same questions. Samantha has always been the “healthy one” throughout her life. You know, that person that orders the salad while everyone else is munching on the bacon cheeseburger.

Samantha’s cancer diagnosis started her on a mission to rethink what her healthy looked like; was she truly living her healthiest life?

When she was on camera wearing skin-tight clothing, there was no space for sweating, so she would pull out the big guns and spray on antiperspirant. One of the ways your body gets rid of toxins is through sweating. After her cancer diagnosis, she began to wonder if all the steps she had to take to be successful in her career might have contributed to her breast cancer diagnosis.

Samantha went on a journey to find “her healthiest healthy,” and the results of that quest became the best-selling book, Your Healthiest Healthy.



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