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Can Acupuncture Help Prevent Cancer? with Dr. Amanda Tieu (RE-RELEASE)

Can Acupuncture Help Prevent Cancer? with Dr. Amanda Tieu (RE-RELEASE)

Dr. Amanda Tieu states, “Acupuncture has little to no risk and helps with pain, stress, and inflammation.”

She’s seen many success stories, from helping couples with infertility to injured veterans who’ve tried everything for pain. In the case of Dr. Tieu’s Army veteran patient, his Dr. suggested acupuncture as a last-ditch effort to try before getting surgery; spoiler alert, the veteran had so much success with acupuncture and pain management that he skipped the surgery!

Dr. Tieu also discussed how acupuncture can inhibit the signals from the brain that are screaming, PAIN! It can block pain signals and turn down inflammation.

I’ve had great success in using acupuncture to manage pain. I broke my leg snow skiing twenty-five years ago and didn’t have the resources to get it fixed using surgery (I didn’t have good health insurance, owned a business, and couldn’t afford to take time off). I used acupuncture for pain management and inflammation. Fast forward to today, and I’ve trained for and completed five half marathons and surf five days a week.

I can tell you that my experience with acupuncture has been nothing but positive!


Dr. Tieu received her Doctorate degree in Naturopathic Medicine, Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and License in Massage Therapy at Bastyr University. She is board certified by the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE) and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). 

She has participated in local nonprofit organizations that sought to provide care to underserved patients, focused on acute injuries and post-recovery treatments of athletes at Bastyr’s Sports Medicine Club, and volunteered as a clinical care member at her local hospital.

Dr. Tieu believes in providing quality patient care through an integrative medical approach. She is passionate about bringing sustainable changes to a patient’s overall health. Her current areas of interest are primary care, pain management, and dermatology.


More information about the health benefits of accupuncture:

Researchers pinpoint how acupuncture targets inflammation – Harvard Gazette

The Anti-Inflammatory Actions and Mechanisms of Acupuncture from Acupoint to Target Organs via Neuro-Immune Regulation – PubMed (nih.gov)

Effect of Acupuncture on Oxidative Stress and Inflammation: From Mechanisms to Therapeutic Applications (researchgate.net)


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This podcast is for informational purposes only and none of the information should be construed as medical advice. Listeners should seek guidance from their own medical team before making any medical or lifestyle changes.

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