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Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? A candid conversation with a toxins lawyer and health coach WENDY KATHRYN


If you’re going to only listen to one of my podcast episodes this year, THIS IS THE ONE!

Wendy is a Toxins Lawyer and clean-living coach, and we had a candid and, at times, frightening conversation about tap water and cancer risk.

Before cancer, I would say that I was suspicious but still trusting; for example, if the water was coming out of my tap, I believed the government was doing its job to keep us safe.

Then the train derailed in Ohio, and within days the local government was telling its citizens the water was just fine.

I’m not a water expert, but I know enough to figure out that the water is unfit for consumption when thousands of chemicals get dumped into local waterways.

Wendy explained that when the clean water act was signed in 1974 that it worked well for the next 15 years. Then the local water companies decided they couldn’t keep up with the water testing regulations, so the clean water act was amended. The EPA left it up to the discretion of individual water agencies to test or not test.

Since then, only two additional contaminants have been added to the list of chemicals to be aware of. And let’s be honest; new chemicals are being created yearly in our country. Sadly, this is an example of buyer beware; we can no longer trust the water from our tap.

Here are my questions:

1. What’s in my local water?

Go to this site to check out what contaminants might be in your local tap:Β EWG Tap Water Database.

2. What can we do to drink water without contaminants?

Filter, filter, filter! Wendy discusses her fav filters in this podcast episode.

3. How much is this going to cost me?

Wendy says this is the most critical first step to detoxing, so it will cost money; UGH! But she has multiple suggestions for filters at a variety of price points.

Download Wendy’s guide called Tossing the Toxins atΒ www.tossingthetoxins.com.


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