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How To Prep Produce To use In The Fall And Winter!

There are some fruits and veggies that taste so much better when you freeze them yourself.

Berries are one of those items.

Now is the time to load up on berries!

Here’s a Farmer’s market hack:

1. Wash & dry your berries.
2. Grab a cookie sheet and line with with wax paper.
3. Pro tip: I use If You Care, Wax Paper-no chlorine & compostable.
4. Place your berries on the paper & pop in the freezer.
5. Once frozen fold up the berries on the wax paper & pop in a plastic bag and store in the freezer & use for smoothies or yogurt bowls.

Link to my fav unbleached wax & parchment paper is in bio.
Here’s the link.


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