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What’s Holding You Back From Cooking Great Fish At Home?

For me, it was two things:
I had a terrible kitchen fan, so when I did cook fish, my house stunk to high heaven for a week.
I didn’t know how to cook it, so I would only order it in a restaurant.

I needed help finding high-quality salmon reasonably priced with the same thickness so it would cook evenly.
Today is your lucky day!
I’m sharing my EASY 8-minute salmon recipe with you.

Heat oven to 425.
Place salmon fillet on parchment on a cookie sheet (use non-toxic parchment; I like the If You Care brand)
Drizzle with Avocado oil (I use the brand Chosen)
Sprinkle with Everything But the Bagel seasoning and cook for 8 minutes!

Here’s where the magic happens: buying the best fish you can afford. For me, I use ButcherBox. By using the code ENOS (and clicking the link in my bio), you can get FREE SALMON for a year. And it’s not farmed salmon; it’s the best salmon in the world from Bristol Bay in Alaska.

And my friends at Butcherbox are telling me they don’t have to sign up for a year; you can sign up for one month, get $20 off of your first box, and still get free salmon for that month.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see a downside here.

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