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Can the Body Heal Itself from Cancer or Autoimmune Disorders? with Holistic Nurse Practitioner Alyssa Siegel (RE-RELEASE)

Can the Body Heal Itself from Cancer or Autoimmune Disorders? (RE-RELEASE)

I loved my conversation with Holistic Nurse Practitioner Alyssa Siegel.

Alyssa is not afraid to go against big pharma to tell us how to use pharmaceutical alternatives, such as supplements and tinctures.

She believes that the body can heal itself if we create a healthy environment so our bodies can thrive.

She is in hot pursuit of trying to find out what made her patients ill in the first place; what’s the root cause of why they’re sick?

She believes that the body is designed to heal itself and that you can recover if you can lower your toxin load. She also talks about the emotional aspect of illness and how that can be a considerable contributor to staying sick.

She was also very candid that the food most of us consume is very inflammatory, and it’s difficult to heal when your body is in a state of inflammation.

She offered doable health hacks so that your body can heal itself!


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