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WAIT. Definition: To stay in place in expectation of. ✋

I’m not good at waiting. I get antsy. I want the food to cook faster or the cars to get out of my way. I want to help move things along, but it doesn’t really work that way. Things take the time that they need. You can’t rush healing, you can’t rush another person, you just can’t rush the process.

When has rushing ever served you?

I’m waiting for my body to heal. I’m waiting for a doctor to give me good news. I’m waiting [very impatiently] for my first cup of coffee  since September…☕️

I’m impatient for my body to heal, and it’s counter-productive. Impatience leads to high stress levels. Stress slows down the healing process and in the long run, causes more problems [such as high cortisol levels, inflammation and disrupted sleep]. ????

Who are you during the waiting process? Are you the angry person? The grumpy person? Do you give people “the look” if they aren’t moving fast enough? ????????????

Who you are while you’re waiting says a lot about your character.

I had to learn to wait. I now count it as one of life’s most important areas to master.

HOW did I learn to wait? I realized the stress resulting from me trying to rush a season was causing additional harm to my body and my mind.

My tips on how to maintain your outlook while you’re waiting:

  1. Move on with your life. Life isn’t put on hold because you’re waiting for your body to heal or for someone to say they’re sorry. You keep on getting up.
  2. Be clear about your WHY. Ask yourself, “Why am I pushing forward?” If you’re clear about your why, you will always get back up.
  3. Keep a daily journal and write down items that you used to take for granted.
  4. Invest in TODAY. Stop living in the future of “What if’s?” Go for a walk, plant some flowers, do something nice for someone [this is when I like to give a big tip at a restaurant or buy someone in line a coffee].
  5. Find your fight song. My current tune is, ???? I Exalt Thee???? by Jesus Culture. It has gotten me through many sleepless nights.

You can’t control the waiting-period; however, according to Dr. Daniel Amen, here’s what you can control:

  • The boundaries you set.
  • When and how you ask for help.
  • How you speak to yourself.

Learn to thrive in the waiting period, my friends.


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