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Life Performance Tips and Tricks

Last week, I had an amazing opportunity to speak to two groups of high achievers… from my kitchen! ????

@compass Real Estate and The Christian Business Lunch [@macdonald.group] both wanted to know… 

What do I tell my clients to eat on a daily basis so they can increase their energy levels by at least 25%?

I’m a private health coach for people who want to be high-performance. I’m not talking about athletic-performance, but LIFE-performance.

Here’s The Deal… ⭐️

How you show up in your family life, work life and spiritual life is a direct reflection of what you’re consuming on a daily basis.

Let’s Face It… ???? 

You KNOW you feel different on days when you take the time for a healthy lunch. And, on the days when you skip lunch or grab fast food, you reflect it in your interactions with others and with yourself. 

Full Confession… ????

When I consume “junk” during lunch, my attitude toward people and myself [negative self-talk on overdrive] is not something I’m proud of. When I’m on this pathway, I have to work much harder to have a good attitude and reach my daily goal [which is to be a blessing to someone else].

KEY Point… ???? 

A high-performance life starts in the kitchen. 

I use the “percentage method” to design my meals. Example: I feel most energetic when my breakfast is about 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbs & veggies. Here are my two most popular high performances breakfasts/brunches:

❶ GF toast topped with ½ smashed avocado + some herbs or leftover salad greens. I top it w/chicken sausage or eggs.
❷ Lettuce wrap [instead of bread] smashed avocado + sliced radish & smoked salmon.

My lunch doesn’t vary much [%-wise] but I usually decrease the complex carbs [no bread] and instead, increase my veggies. I’m not against complex carbs, such as whole grains or high quality bread, but I do find that they can slow me down. If I’m a little worn out at lunch. the last thing I need to do is get more fatigued due to eating carbs. Adjusting the % a bit really helps!

Lunch Ideas… ????

❶ Huge salad using beans as the base. I smear refried or black beans on the salad plate, add greens, broccoli & avocado and then drizzle w/my Chimichurri sauce [see my last week’s for the recipe].

❷ Huge salad [do you see a theme here? ????] and add some leftover protein [usually grilled chicken or salmon] + some avocado & Kalamata olives.

On days when I nail this combo… I can get more life done [+ work!] an hour than just about anyone I know. I’m efficient, focused and visionary. ????

On days I don’t nail it… I’m grumpy, scattered and a bit sharp-tongued [sorry, if I you’ve been the recipient of one of my sassy spells ????????‍♀️].

Bottom Line… ✓


My outfit? Glad you asked! ???? @evereveofficial ❤️

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