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The Magic of Detoxing Your Space

Home Detox

When you hear the word detox, what comes to mind? Maybe a juice cleanse? A clean diet? A magic pill?

Well, here’s something neat I have been putting into practice: Detoxing is not just for our bodies but for our homes too!

One of the simplest ways to ensure mental and physical wellness is to have a space to retreat to that looks, feels, and gives off energy that is healing + calming!

Detoxing your bedroom can lower stress levels and increase your sleep quality.

And here’s the cool thing: you can detox your life too! Here’s what I mean…

  • You can start to pay attention to what has toxins. Such as new clothes. Simply washing them with all-natural detergent can have an incredible effect on your microbiome + overall health!
  • Start to read the labels and learn which ‘ingredients’ are no-nos. Start to replace products that have parabens with products that contain all-natural ingredients!
  • Detox your work stress… Seriously! Yup, I am encouraging you to fake a smile and a laugh! Studies show that faking it can have the same health benefits as the real deal, which can relieve tension + boost your serotonin!

If you are wondering why I am so enthusiastic about detoxing, it has to do with two things: I am ready to live a healthy and darn happy life after my cancer journey! AND I had an incredible conversation about detoxing with Dr. Tom O’Bryan! Click here to jump right to the episode.

Today on “Why Did I Get Cancer?” Dr. O’Bryan is spilling his simple detox hacks for a healthier life. And yes, it goes beyond just what we put in our bodies!

Listen to Simple Detox Hacks-A conversation with Dr.Tom O’Bryan

Dr. Tom

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