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Chimichurri Quinoa & Salmon Bowl

The nephews are gone and now it’s time for auntie to detox.

After a few days of consuming irregular foods [I ate a lot of junk w/my nephews because it was super fun to act like a teenager], I need a CLEAN diet.

My go-to detox meal?

Chimichurri Quinoa & Salmon Bowl! ????

⓵ Cut king salmon into 3-4oz pieces [I make 2-3 thin slices through the salmon skin prior to cooking, making it easier to get the skin off after]

⓶ Heat oven to 425°

⓷ Line cookie sheet w/foil

⓸ Drizzle salmon w/avocado oil & sprinkle w/s&p

⓹ Cook for 8 minutes [no need to flip]



⓵ Rinse quinoa [The seeds have a natural coating called saponin. If not rinsed, it can make quinoa taste bitter or soapy]

⓶ Cook according to package directions. As quinoa is cooling, add ¼c chimichurri sauce + ½c quinoa and mix [I add bone broth to increase the gut-healing properties + the protein content… keeping me fuller, longer] ????



⓵ Grab fresh veggies & chop

⓶ Sauté w/butter until al dente [I add chopped parsley to the whole meal. It’s helpful in detoxing and ridding the body of excess water weight]


Chimichurri Sauce:

⁍ ½c chopped parsley

⁍ 3tbsp red wine vinegar

⁍ 4-5 cloves minced garlic

⁍ 2tbsp fresh oregano

⁍ 1-2tsp red pepper flakes

⁍ ¾c olive oil

⓵ Add ½c olive oil + the rest of the ingredients to a blender [Blend until the parsley is broken down]

⓶ Drizzle in the rest of the oil while blending on low [Taste and adjust your seasonings]


What makes this meal a detox?

❶ Bone broth can not only boost gut health [immune system], but it can also help rid your body of toxins.

❷ Parsley helps w/excess water weight.

❸ The big hit of sautéing veggies is that they give you a good dose of fiber & help move toxins through your digestive tract.

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