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Using Laughter for Self-Care

Laughter for Self-Care

As this week comes to an end, I found myself thinking of how often we forget about the simple things of life. During my cancer journey, it became so apparent that to remain positive, I needed to find the positive, even on the tough days.

Take my word for it, it seems daunting, but when you release perfection and remind yourself it can truly be the simple things, it becomes a whole lot easier.

In honor of finding the positive side, did you know that laughing has health benefits in the short and long run?

Here are my favorite reasons to incorporate a little more laughter into your life:

    1. Laughter relieves your stress response by kicking that “fight or flight” mode to the curb!
    2. It improves your immune system. Positive thoughts can release tension and neuropeptides (they help fight stress and illness!)
    3. It soothes tension, which causes your muscles to relax!

It would be naïve to not acknowledge that there are those hard and dark days. I’ve had them, and it’s hard to get out of a funk. When you feel this way, try finding a self-care method that allows you to relax, unwind, and recenter back to your truth.

My favorite method, which takes only 5-10 minutes, is writing down a list of at least three things I’m grateful for; these can be small (I found a good deal on yoga pants) or big (I’m strong enough to walk five miles).

I even get specific, and I thank God for my feet that are strong enough to go for walks, and I thank Him for my eyesight so I can watch the sunset.

I usually write these down in the morning and then re-read them before bed. If I fill my mind with gratitude, especially at bedtime, I focus on happier thoughts, which keeps my mind from wandering into negative areas. I sleep better when I focus on being grateful!

Laughing, or finding the positive, again, isn’t easy. Sometimes it takes years to find that kind of emotional release. Which relates to this week’s latest podcast episode, “The Health-Giving Power of Emotional Freedom”, I continue my conversation with Auntie Anne.

We discuss walking in emotional freedom, and understanding the power this has over your health & wellbeing.

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